Burnt Offerings model

Burnt Offerings model


Burnt Offerings
a large-scale interactive art installation
for Burning Man 2020



Tom Bratton of La Honda Pottery is creating an  installation consisting of a group of large, ceramic, tusk-like shapes in mainly upright positions, spaced to allow people to walk around and through the setting. This is a meditative piece that the artist intends to invoke a feeling of wonder and grace for the awe-inspiring great herds of African elephants that are being murdered by poachers for their ivory.

"By burning my tusks (in the kilns) we have turned what would have been a very pricey, luxury item in the real world (ivory) into something very different, "Burnt Offerings."

We are asking for donations for the project's completion. Funds raised will be used solely for materials, transportation, and project support and supplies. Your donations are a gift, and tax deductible. Please visit our GoFundMe page to help support this project and for updates on our progress.

"I started making tusk shapes and applying them to pots I was making in the 80s. I didn't really think much about the animal. I saw the tusks I was making as an architectural element only. After seeing them being stacked and burned in Africa on videos, I was moved to create this piece. I hope it moves others, too."

We will update this page regularly with media and updates about the project's progress, so please visit again.

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